SoDA is a London-based design and production agency led by artist and designer, Fiddian Warman. First formed in 1996, SoDA is known for its creative fusion of digital, electronic and physical design and construction.


The Society of Digital Artists (SoDA) provides a full service encompassing design, rapid prototyping, iterative testing, construction, feedback and ongoing maintenance for clients of all kinds: from museums to multinationals to small startups.

Our approach is collaborative, agile and customer-focused, and is informed by principles including sustainability, experimentation, pragmatism and delight. This has lead to SoDA becoming known for innovative and unusual solutions to design challenges and has allowed us to deliver projects across a wide variety of areas, such as educational software, healthcare apps, museum and public art installations, interactive furniture, architecture, ceramics and lighting. Our work is unified by our strong attention to design detail, and our expertise in digital, electronic and manufacturing domains.

SoDA consists of a core team of expert designers, coders, project managers and craftspeople. Depending on the project we draw from a wide network of specialists, including games designers, LED manufacturers, carpenters, graphic designers and academics.

Fiddian Warman

Fiddian is the founder and director of SoDA and has designed and delivered an enormous range of creative projects since it was founded. His work has evolved from sculpture, ceramics and carpentry, through electronics and lighting, to encompass contemporary innovations including software design, micro-controllers and the Internet of Things (IoT). A passionate believer in the transformative effects of great design, Fiddian is constantly learning and experimenting with the latest craft, software and design techniques, giving SoDA a strong creative edge in a rapidly evolving world.

As well a strong commitment to design, Fiddian has led SoDAs business development and client relations since its inception. He builds strong relationships with clients, based around trust, mutual respect and collaboration. He enjoys working with clients to jointly explore and surface the most appropriate solutions to design problems, placing a solid emphasis on agile and iterative project management processes to achieve the best results.

Fiddian completed his degree in Fine Art from Camberwell School of Art before proceeding to graduate with an MA in Digital Arts from Middlesex University. He has been a guest lecturer at institutions such as Birkbeck and Queen Mary University and regularly consults for organisations such as the British Council.

We’re proud that our clients, partners and funders over the years have included…..