RGB IoT Voting for schools

Soda was commissioned by Abraham Guest school in Wigan to design and build a solution for involving schoolchildren in the civic life of their school.

The result was a web controlled interactive voting system, encompassing the giant screen in the school’s atrium, and a pair of wall-mounted voting ‘pods’. The pods integrate with the school’s fingerprint scanning system and students vote by pressing their finger down on the red, green or blue pads on top of the pods.

The system is arduino-controlled and constructed from strong, safe Hanex material with embedded fingerprint detection technology and RGB LEDs.

Our custom-designed content management system is simple and easy for teachers to program with a bank of questions. Students can suggest their own questions which teachers can then load into the system. Results are then displayed in a Red Green Blue bar graph on the main screen in the atrium.
Students can vote on issues related to the school, or on subject-specific questions. In our testing, students were very enthusiastic about the pods, and enjoyed interacting with this new technology.

RGB follows up on the DfE’s Project Faraday (see Digital Education Resource Archive for documentation) which sought to examine how digital technologies could be used to enhance science learning. RGB was based on a concept by Sean McDougall of Stakeholder Design.

The pods are IoT (Internet of Things) devices controlled by a web based interface. Questions are set and answers read through a browser based interface.