art and installations

SoDA (originally Society of Digital Artists) has been producing ground-breaking, unusual and thought-provoking art since the beginning, both for clients and for ourselves. We love collaboration and using residencies and partnerships to collectively and creatively tack big and difficult issues. We believe the unique approach and perspective an artist brings can be a crucial part of changing the world for the better.

SoDA’s work has featured in many gallery shows over the years, including Sonn’et Se’quence’ for the Spacex Gallery in 1997, Corrupted Nature for the Lux Gallery in 1998, Journey at the Hayward Gallery in 2003 and Ed vs Zach at the ICA in 2005. SoDA works have been shown Site-specific artworks include 4Luv, a commission for the Trossachs National Park, designed by Fiddian and Siobhan Hapaska.

Performance artworks include Fiddian’s infamous Neurotic shows at the ICA, where he and his punk band put on a show for some pogoing robots. SoDA also facilitates the creation of art, especially by children. Projects include Vision London in 2005, Nahnou Together in 2006, and TruceArts, a project for the Olympics in 2012. Plus, of course, our own which won a BAFTA for Best Interactive Art.

We believe in a world increasingly mediated by digital technology it is crucial that artists use such technologies to critique social, cultural and economic dynamics.

SoDA uses similar technologies and artistic approaches for museum installations. Producing software and sometimes the hardware too for iconic projects such as the Energy Ring and Web Story Box in the Science Museum, we have also worked for the Tate and Hayward Galleries and other museums across the UK and world.