Web Story Box

Science Museum exhibit with Tim Berners-Lee to show ‘how the web works’

Soda was part of the team commissioned to create the Web Story Box section of the new Information Age Gallery in the Science Museum. Web Story Box tells the story of ‘how the web works’ with Tim Berners Lee and Josie Long bringing digital storyteller Tim Wright’s humorous, informative words to life. Soda designed, prototyped and developed the hardware and software for the interactive exhibit.
Developing the exhibit was technologically very complex. It comprises a large central projection with 13 LCD screens driven by Raspberry Pi single board computers set into the surrounding walls. all linked with 80 meters of Arduino controlled LED strips crisscrossing the exhibit and creating the web in microcosm.
Soda created web-based software to synchronise the video, still imagery and audio across the 14 screens to build the immersive interactive narrative that explained packets, routing, HTML etc. The gallery was opened in October 2014 by the Queen who used the launch as an opportunity to send her first tweet