A little more on who we are…

SoDA is the Society of Digital Artists. Founded in 1997 by Fiddian Warman, Neal White and Lucy Kimbell, SoDA has always focused on challenging the boundaries of contemporary arts practice through the creative application of digital tools and technologies.

Over the years, SoDA has evolved from a large group of artists to be reinvented as a small core group comprising Fiddian Warman and Jons Jones Morris, with additional artists, designers, makers and digital specialists joining for specific projects.

We are committed to social justice, sustainability and challenging the status quo through artistic expression. Through our work we aim to inspire, inform and create positive change.

SoDA has long been recognised for its unique and groundbreaking artistic practice. Over the years our awards have included the prestigious D&AD Yellow Pencil for Environmental Design and a BAFTA for our very own playful springy physics simulator, Sodaconstructor.

…what we do…

Our work has encompassed many different domains, topics and media, and we have collaborated with some of the world’s best-loved arts organisations, including the V&A Museum, Tate Gallery, the Science Museum, Channel 4, Arts Council and the British Council.

Collectively, through the application of our diverse skillsets in digital media, app development, electronics, sculpture, carpentry, location-based media, artificial intelligence, mixed reality and materials design to visualise and bring to life some of the most complex arts briefs imaginable.

For example, in 2014 we stepped in to help Sir Tim Berners Lee, writer Tim Wright and the Science Museum tell the story of how the web came into being through the Web Story Box installation, which encompassed film-making, interaction design, prototyping and specifying custom electronic and AV systems as well as writing custom Arduino, Raspberry Pi and PC apps.

In 2021, for the Estuary Arts Festival, we worked with Metal Culture and Director Jack McNamara, we brought to life J.A Baker’s book The Peregrine, as a located 360 VR video app. We helped with designing the user experience, we shot and edited the 3D 360 video and built the location based VR app. For more examples of our work, take a look at our gallery of selected projects.

…and how we work…

Alongside devising our own artworks  we make the impossible possible for culture, heritage and arts organisations. Our portfolio is vast and complex and in order to understand whether we are the right fit for your needs, it can often be easier to contact us for an initial discussion and quote.

Our team have diverse backgrounds and skill sets encompassing computer sciences, design, fine arts, crafts, materials, digital media and app development. As such, we can respond to almost any brief requiring the application of digital technologies to arts communication. Our specific areas of expertise encompass (but are not limited to) the following areas:

Artistic direction and creative concept development

App development, including web, iOS and Android apps

Custom electronics, including LED displays, microcontroller based systems, robotics and mechatronic sculptures

Furniture and physical display design and build, encompassing digital or electronic components

Mixed reality, including virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 film

Audio and video production

Hardware specification, including display technologies

We understand deeply the challenges and constraints of contemporary arts, cultural and heritage organisations, and are adept at working collaboratively to find technical solutions which meet specific budgets without distorting the artistic aims of a piece. We are often able to find solutions where others have failed, and are always happy to discuss complex challenges.